Will the Broncos win the division this year?


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Monday, January 5, 2015

What the experts (?) are saying

I spent a few minutes on Google because I was curious what the consensus was for our chances on Sunday. Google never disappoints and I found predictions from several corners of the world. Here is a sample for your entertainment:

Prediction: Denver 34, Indianapolis 28 – Rant Sports

Broncos vs Colts odds and point spread: -7 Denver. Prediction: The Broncos will win because of their defense. – The Blow Sports

Broncos Colts odds 2015: Broncos are 8-point favorites in playoff rematch – SB Nation

Broncos edge past the Colts in a shootout, 38-34 - TopBet.eu

Broncos minus 7 points – Predictem.com

Broncos WIN – Ironrank.com

Broncos By 10 – CBS Denver

The good news is, everyone thinks we'll win AND cover the spread. The bad news is, Have you ever heard of any of these people?? LOL!


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