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Monday, November 19, 2012

DHag24's Top 9 Teams ; I'm going to let you know who I feel is the best team, it will change week to week but it is based on how I feel, and really that's all that matters....ME!!!

1. OUR DENVER BRONCOS- Why? Because, since the unbelievable comeback vs SD they have been playing complete games. The offense is jelling, the Defense is dominate and special teams have be just that, special(not the "special" like we think of Broncobrad).

2. Houston Texans- Why? because they're 9-1. and thats the only reason. they should have lost to Jacksonville, yes Jacksonville almost be them.

3. Atlanta Falcons- Why? because they too are 9-1. they're #3 because they don't have a former Bronco as their head coach. And unless something changes, they are going to slump at the wrong time. Arizona gave them all they could handle this week along with Dallas and Oakland.

4. Baltimore Ravens- Why? believe it or not its not because of their Defense!! Joe Flacco is playing pretty good football right now.

5. New England Patriots-Why? As much as I hate to say it, Tom Mutha effing Brady, he's a great QB and now the Defense is playing pretty good too.

6. Seattle Seahawks- but only when they play at home so this week they have to travel, about as far as you can travel in the NFL to Miami.

7. Green Bay Packers- Why? The discount double check guy. If his defense can keep it close he can pull something from some area to end up winning. Ask Detroit

8. San Francisco 49ers- Why? they would much higher if they hadn't tied last week, who the hell plays to a tie anymore? I mean for goodness sake with the range of the kickers anymore, you can't tell me theu couldn't have gotten into fieldgoal range at least once in the 15 minutes of the overtime session....unreal!!!

9. Chicago Bears- Why? Two former Broncos, and that's all I'm going to say.

Read the list enjoy the list, hell print it and eat the list, it is Thanksgiving. Please comment on it tear it appart do whatever, just keep in mind its MY list and you can make your own!!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving be safe and blog a lot!!!


Sunday, November 18, 2012


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